RX-78-G40 ‘Beyond Gundam’
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RX-78-G40 ‘Beyond Gundam’

This is Beyond Gundam, my GBWC 2019 Philippines entry and my commemorative build for the 40th Anniversary of the Mobile Suit Gundam anime. I wanted to evoke the spirit of the original RX-78-2 Gundam with this build while also giving it a more modern and stylized aesthetic. I did that by kitbashing the GBN Base Gundam and the GM/GM, two kits which are modern takes on classic designs.

I modded a custom beam rifle using the GBN Base Gundam’s rifle with parts from the HGUC Ground-type Gundam’s beam rifle. Instead of having the traditional round sensor as the RX-78’s rifle, I used the central groove in the GBN beam rifle as an IBO-style sensor. I’m glad that it seemed to fit the design just fine.

Overall I’m very pleased with this build; it’s not perfect by any standard but I was able to achieve and realize the concept that I set out to do from the beginning.

RX-78-G40 ‘Beyond Gundam’ アピールショット1
RX-78-G40 ‘Beyond Gundam’ アピールショット2
RX-78-G40 ‘Beyond Gundam’ アピールショット3
RX-78-G40 ‘Beyond Gundam’ アピールショット4
RX-78-G40 ‘Beyond Gundam’ アピールショット9
RX-78-G40 ‘Beyond Gundam’ アピールショット10

RX-78-G40 Beyond Gundam


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