OverFlag 80M8ER (Bomber)
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OverFlag 80M8ER (Bomber)

#OverFlag #80M8ER (Bomber)
project started on May 5, 2021 for a Brazilian collective, @oficina_de_jaburo, with 2 rules: main color in green, stripe red on left arm
Custom painting + new parts, made with kraft paper
– shin guard based on Gundam Duel (Gundam Seed)
– Shoulder my design, I made something lighter, it rotates all the way around, so I can lift his arm, and in the rectangular red part I based the F91 backpack. Above it was extra, it has grounds for the kit nexus (speed)

explaining the MS itself
OverFlag Bomber, he goes into battle using the 3 main thruster (shoulders, hips, legs) to drop bombs.
Bombs are:
– explosives
– EMP (ElectroMagnetic Pulse)
– smoke screen
– drones (it has its own thruster)
– timer (you can leave in one place and leave)

the weapon system:
when choosing the bomb, the arm goes up, and, in the backpack, the bomb ejects. The weapon has a magnetic tweezer, which holds the bomb AND active. So, it’s throwing!

backback “based” (just for idea) in Sazabi
M O R E  P H O T O S on Insta
– Insta https://www.instagram.com/p/CR_1IU-rtIb

Insta video https://www.instagram.com/p/CR_2ikIrAUt
– Yt https://youtu.be/j2DGDa3iXn0.

I am VERY happy with the result. Whether I point out the flaws or not won’t make them not exist. There is as much failure as learning.
It’s my second custom, the third one is coming soon!
Hope you like it!
Comment your opinion or criticism!


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OverFlag 80M8ER (Bomber) アピールショット1

removing the gun from the holster

OverFlag 80M8ER (Bomber) アピールショット2

is a process: 1) choice bomb, 2) automatically arm raises, 3) backpack eject bomb

OverFlag 80M8ER (Bomber) アピールショット3

the weapon's magnet pulls the bomb, and activates it

OverFlag 80M8ER (Bomber) アピールショット4

Now just THROW!

OverFlag 80M8ER (Bomber) アピールショット9

back of shoulder & shin part

OverFlag 80M8ER (Bomber) アピールショット10

Shin parts

OverFlag 80M8ER (Bomber) アピールショット11


OverFlag 80M8ER (Bomber) アピールショット12

Look original plans :D

OverFlag 80M8ER (Bomber) custom made by Guthem [Brazil]



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