HG ゴッグ Spec Ops

HG ゴッグ Spec Ops

My third attempt at painting a gundam kit. Getting better?
Aquatic Zeon… my favorite line of mobile suits.

HG ゴッグ Spec Ops アピールショット1
The "03" is borrowed from an Iranian missile truck model kit my dad was working on.
HG ゴッグ Spec Ops アピールショット2
He throws up his badly weathered arms in frustration.
HG ゴッグ Spec Ops アピールショット3
Gotcha, blue boy.
HG ゴッグ Spec Ops アピールショット4
At the park!
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  1. Tulsa_Birbhum 6か月前

I'm pretty new to model kits, started buying them in 2017 and 2018. Just now seriously getting into painting and customizing.


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