HGUC Varguil – Custom
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HGUC Varguil – Custom

the look of the hguc varguil appealed to me as it had the same imposing figure to the sazabi. technically similar to the moon gundam, the mono-eyed head with the backpack of fin funnels gave it a more imposing look.

the main drawback with the kit was what made it a p-bandai variant, the stock backpack needed some work. i wasn't a fan of the propellant tanks being connected directly to the pyscho funnels' housing. 

to position it below the backpack, i had to fashion new female joints using old parts. using plastic plates, i closed the hole they left in the funnel base. additionally, i took the liberty of adding verniers in the middle as inspired by the sazabi.

beginning with the project, i wasn't too sure what shade of purple i would be using. it came down to mixing violet and lavender to achieve a cooler tone of purple which would work nicely with the stock lavender and bluish-purple paint i had. i have long wantel to use a celeste blue (similar to the color of bianchi bikes) as secondary tones and i think it works particularly well for this kit with my choice of purple shades. i felt that using the intended yellow would be too ordinary and familiar.

it was also my first time trying out a gradient for the beam weapons. 

as the beam saber has a flat look to it, the white light detail is easier to paint as compared to a normal tubular saber.

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hguc varguil inspired by the look of the sazabi.


RG Nu Gundam Classic…

i always liked the classic colours …




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MSK-088 リック・ディズ

HGUC 1/144 ディジェ 改造です。

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ガンダム試作三号機 ステイメン