Patlabor X Gundam
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Patlabor X Gundam

Introducing this amazing crossover piece of Mobile Police Mobile Police Patlabor X Gundam. This is a custom build inspired by Mobile Police Patlabor Ingram. I envisioned this build as a substitute reality ingram.

 I used a combination of HG Grimgelde, HG Astaroth Origin, HG Jester, Kotobukiya MSG parts and plastic plate scratch build parts.

 It was my first time to use an airbrush. It’s not perfect, but I’m happy with the result. All paints are Valley Hoa Kiric Primer and Tamiya Aerosol Can Top Coat.

Patlabor X Gundam アピールショット1

By using the inner frame of HG IBO Gundam, many movements and poses are possible. I also changed the ratio. I stretched my thighs, my arms, my hips, and my torso.

Patlabor X Gundam アピールショット2

I think the orange paint on the thrusters adds great detail to the kit.

Patlabor X Gundam アピールショット3
Patlabor X Gundam アピールショット4

With long arms, you can hold the pistol with both hands.

Patlabor X Gundam アピールショット5
Patlabor X Gundam アピールショット6
Patlabor X Gundam アピールショット7

I used a set of waterslide decals from the Moderoid Patlabo model kit. I think it's important to achieve the look of Ingram.

Patlabor X Gundam アピールショット8
Patlabor X Gundam アピールショット9
Patlabor X Gundam アピールショット10
Patlabor X Gundam アピールショット11
Patlabor X Gundam アピールショット12
Patlabor X Gundam アピールショット13

The shield and pistol are made entirely of plastic plates. The shotgun has changed from Astaroth Origin.

Patlabor X Gundam アピールショット14

This is the state of the build before applying the primer

Patlabor X Gundam アピールショット15

I had to create a new part to install the Astaroth backpack

Patlabor X Gundam アピールショット16

I made an actuating piston using a plastic rod and a magnet.


  1. 74120’5 4日前

    The proportions/design of this aircraft reminds me of the Briareos of Appleseed.

    • @Ed__iT 4日前

      はい。 IngramとBriareoasの両方にウサギの耳のアンテナがあります。 カラーパターンがとても象徴的だと感じたので、パトレイバーのデザインを選びました。

  2. Hello! I can’t find my Instagram account! I would love to see it, so please check it 🙏

  3. wow…it’s so cool!

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