SD Exia Repair I
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SD Exia Repair I

Hi~ This is my new work SD Exia Repair I. I made this work in July 2020. However, since I can’t take a good photo, so I didn’t post this work in internet until now. 

Anyway, Hope you guys enjoy.

I used cork mat for the ground. At the beginning, I was worry about if the cork mat is fit or not when I bought it at the shop. As the result, I found it looks not bad.

制作工程 - body

I used both SD BB 313 and EX-Standard Exia and Combine them togeter.

The cloak and Gn-sword are from the RG Exia Repair Set. The right knee is also from the RG Exia Repair Set.

制作工程 - head

The right eye is made by some model parts and plastic board. 

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Hi~guys. I am Zake. I come from Taiwan. Hope you guys enjoy my works.


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