Alteisen Kai
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Alteisen Kai

Super Robot Wars Project

Gustav Karl to Alteisen

The spearhead from my SRW Project where I try to kitbash some iconic mecha from SRW. Starting off with the Steel Beowulf, The Old Iron Giant, the Alteisen Kai. 

Breakdown on parts I used on this build:

Main Body: HG Gustav Karl
Shoulders Claymore: Kotobukiya’s MSG: 36 Missile Pods set
Pile Bunker: 2016 HG Customize Campaign Set C
Misc Parts: Ballden Arm Arms and other spare parts I had

Thanks and Enjoy!!! Happy Super Robot Wars 30th!!! 

Alteisen Kai アピールショット1
Alteisen Kai アピールショット2
Alteisen Kai アピールショット3
Alteisen Kai アピールショット4
Alteisen Kai アピールショット9

Breakdown before top coat.

Alteisen Kai アピールショット10
Alteisen Kai アピールショット11
Alteisen Kai アピールショット12

This is a kitbash of Alteisen from SRW


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