ARZ-108b [Bore•Asai]
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ARZ-108b [Bore•Asai]

ARZ-108b [Bore • Asai]

This is an original design MS set in the time of AOZ Re-boot: Inle.

Bore, or the verb to bore–is equivalent to the verb to dig, or to tunnel, in English.[Bore = 掘る] It is the role of this unit during construction operations. Thus it was incorporated into the name. (Bore + Marasai = Bore-asai)

This machine was the 4th unit confiscated by ReZeon that was altered for construction.

Construction squad unit:

  •  ARZ-005リバウンド・ドック
  • ARZ-139ノン-ブラビ,
  • ARZ-106 ローザック
  • ARZ-108b [掘る] マラサイ

The ARZ-108b was not present during the accident at the liquid nitrogen pipeline on Mars. This was due to a malfunction. 

ARZ-108b [Bore•Asai] アピールショット1

The rocket-propelled pickaxe (RPX) is the secondary tool for mining and digging, as well as wedging objects. 

ARZ-108b [Bore•Asai] アピールショット2

Left arm is reinforced and protects inner frame and machinery from shockwaves when using rocket-propelled pickaxe. 

ARZ-108b [Bore•Asai] アピールショット3

Claw arm module is used for drilling. Upper bicep arm houses air intake for cooling of the power unit. Heat is dispersed through the heat sink in the rear. 

ARZ-108b [Bore•Asai] アピールショット4

Leg thrusters have been reduced in power. Mobility is now a removed role for this unit, and thruster can be used to clear dust from surrounding areas on the ground.

ARZ-108b [Bore•Asai] アピールショット5

The End.

ARZ-108b [Bore•Asai] アピールショット6

Helmet is created with parts from Gerbera Tetra. Arm is from ORIGIN Mobile Worker.

It is a digging Marasai! (掘るのはマラサイです!)


  1. K.E.N. 6か月前

    Nice AOZ! BORE・ASAI works to ​with other construction MS in Mars comes to my mind.

  2. How cool your work is❗️

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